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It's me.

Age. 521
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Thai...!?
Location Anaheim, CA
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Clutching pizza.
Sunday, December 1, 2013
Well, AKA "Izzy" but since I logged into my original name first I'll just update here.

Moving forward from the last entry:
Freshman no more! Actually, I'm a junior in college now, w00.

And for a good portion of my Thanksgiving long weekend I enjoyed the modern conveniences of ordering pizza online.

Time to go back to finishing all the work I've been putting off...

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Thursday, September 29, 2011
I feel like this blog doesn't really fit me anymore. Maybe I should create a new name/home for my miscellaneous postings...?

"Mockiller"...ahh, my odd middle school mind.
Now that I'm at college, I feel like I should start anew.
I mean, I already created a wordpress just for daily recollections about school/potential friends/the awkwardness of being a freshman, but I don't really get much feedback compared to being on here, heheh.
And I love these emoticons so much.

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Just counting down...
Sunday, May 8, 2011
Countin' down the days until graduation!
Must...get...through the AP Gov + Econ test, Tuesday and Thursday of this week.

I don't even know what I should study at this point.
And Prom is such a hassle -___-.
Imminent disagreement in this group of mine...

Time for me to unleash my frustration with various "school" related things!

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Thursday, April 21, 2011
mood: Anxious and perpetually perplexed

I made a Pros/Cons list for the 2 universities I have narrowed my list down to.
I feel obligated to post it here...

And my apologies for the somewhat obnoxious title of this entry .
And if this Pros/Cons list has totally irrelevant items on it...that shouldn't matter to normal people...but to me they have some weight to them...

University of Portland

  • New Seasons Market (Possibly the Whole Foods of Oregon...?)
  • Bon Apetit Dining Hall full of sustainability/organic items
  • P4 Program for business students; ropes course during Orientation to build trust/connections among new students; E-scholars; Business 101/University 101 to help transition to college and introduce freshman to one another...
  • Possibly a more "established" institution compared to HPU
  • Undoubtedly higher chance of friends road-tripping up to visit
  • At least I'd know one person there! My sheer awesome overnight host - Kirsten. Invaluable source of advice.
  • Music venues/acts in Downtown Portland I'd be interested in
  • Numerous school-wide events such as the Midnight BBQ (incredibly fun...heheh) + Price is Right
  • They produce a YEARBOOK. Since I already have a total of 4 years working on a yearbook staff, this is so appealing.
  • Portlandia
  • Business school = AACSB accredited (national level)
  • Michael Pollan just spoke!
  • On-campus gelato shop
  • Rain/cold weather = lush greenery and cherry blossoms...
  • Just ranked #1 for return on investment school in Oregon (Bloomsburg/Businessweek)

  • I have not seen any farmers' markets yet.
  • A bit far from Downtown
  • AP/IB credits don't transfer. Hahaha.
  • Costco is a bit far, it seems.
  • Not as much diversity as Hawaii Pacific U.
  • More costly than Hawaii. About $10k more...
  • Rain + cold weather. If I was constantly shivering in early April, how will I be in the depths of winter?

My other option is Hawaii Pacific University.
I visited U of Hawaii at Manoa...and I did not love it, so I crossed that off my list - even though I could have continued with my Thai language studies there...maybe even gotten a Thai minor! *Sigh*.

Hawaii Pacific University

  • Taro pie @ McDonald's
  • Nearby Honolulu Costco
  • Visible farmers' markets
  • Serious diversity from the large population of international students
  • AP/IB credits transfer over
  • I'd live in "off-campus housing" (essentially just 2 former hotels converted to University Housing by the owner) in Downtown Waikiki. ONLY a few BLOCKS from Waikiki Beach. I would walk to the beach every single day, heheh.
  • I'd take majority of my classes at the HPU downtown campus in bustling Honolulu.
  • Near Chinatown. Just a few blocks away from D-town campus.
  • Intercultural Day each year...along with some other school-wide events that boast of culture/fun.
  • Hawaii Five-0 . "BOOK 'EM, DANNO!"
  • Cheaper tuition
  • Getting to know public transportation real well, since I'd be taking the bus from my dorm in Waikiki to D-town Honolulu (about 20 min.) every morning and evening. The on-campus housing/dining hall is located on the "Windward Campus" 30 minutes away via shuttle. The off-campus housing would be more convenient for me and I could just get the off-campus meal plan.
  • Gandhi's descendant came to speak at the Windward campus.
  • Complimentary HPU binder/agenda book (?)
  • Hawaiian shaved ice/delicious tropical fruits

  • Higher cost of commodities in Hawaii
  • Possibly too much hustle/bustle/detached feel of the school campus...the downtown campus has classrooms and offices scattered in various office building high-rises within a block of each other + the student body didn't feel as "cohesive" as other enclosed campuses.
  • No "freshman seminar" type of class to help with the transition, at least - not to my knowledge. Only an Orientation period for new students...
  • I do not know anyone here...yet...no actual student to "guide me"
  • Public transit every morning/even to/fro school could get tiring.
  • Not yet AACSB accredited but [according to their website] they're a member.
  • Only regionally accredited (WASC)
  • Tropical weather (which I am absolutely fine with) = TROPICAL BUGS (which scare me half to death.
  • Not as "established" as U of Portland...since HPU is still fairly new (est. '65).
  • Socially awk. admissions officers + rude/standoffish Dean of Business Admin. The dean would not come out to talk to my mom and I or simply say hello to us EVEN WHEN we were a few yards outside his office. The secretary was literally walking back and forth relaying our messages/questions to him. Pretty ridiculous, in my opinion.
  • I feel like I should mention this also. Large roaches.

Bottom lines: If I went to Hawaii, I would have to fend for myself more and be living the city life. It'd be a more unconventional first year of college. Possibly becoming more independent and my own person quicker...

If I went to Portland, I would have a conventional college life in this "college town". Trips into downtown here and there. Having a "buffer" between the real world and sheltered, enclosed college campus/college life.


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Sunday, March 6, 2011
mood: odd...
watching: Four Lions

I feel like going back into some old hobbies...such as scrapbooking and actual journaling, along with more lurking on nutang...

I think lazyness is preventing me from getting started on countless things...

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Roasted edamame...
Sunday, February 6, 2011
I never knew it could taste so good.

Yummy yummy.

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